The Bute Houses Partnership is a collaborative venture between four of the most unique historic buildings in Britain: Mount Stuart, Dumfries House, Cardiff Castle and the House of Falkland. Displaying a rich variety of architectural styles and details, internationally important collections, and renowned designed landscapes each property is uniquely linked by being or having been in the ownership of the Bute family, one of Britain's most prominent families famed for their architectural works and artistic patronage.

Mount Stuart
Dumfries House

The Bute Houses range from the classical elegance of DUMFRIES HOUSE, Ayrshire, to the astonishing Gothic revival fantasies of CARDIFF CASTLE and MOUNT STUART on the Isle of Bute. The rich interiors of Cardiff and Mount Stuart can be seen to more subtle effect at the HOUSE OF FALKLAND in Fife. The rich architecture and interiors of all these properties owe their appearance to some of the most important architects and craftspeople to have worked in Britain over the past 250 years, most notably John and Robert Adam, Sir Robert Rowand Anderson, William Burges, Horatio Walter Lonsdale and Robert Weir Schultz. Added to this are remarkable and internationally significant collections of artworks and furniture as well as large and important designed landscapes and parklands which surround each building.

Cardiff Castle
House of Falkland

The Bute Houses Partnership aims to bring together these outstanding properties maintaining and strengthening historic links and a shared heritage and helping a wider public enjoy their many unique and varied qualities. The Partnership is a fluid organisation in the process of developing an exciting range of educational and commercial projects. To keep updated with developments at all properties please see individual websites: